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Suzy Merrifield is a dynamic and passionate activist for postdigital transdisciplinary practice. Her research interests blur the boundaries between fashion and science.

Expressed through her love of colour and natural fibres, her work harnesses her enthusiasm for exploring design history, fashion, identity and the way human beings connect and relate to each other. Suzy’s multiple projects to date evoke feelings of both nostalgia at sensitive creative responses to historically important artworks as well as excitement for new and innovative ways of viewing data.

A graduate in textile design from Southampton University in 2003, Suzy lectures in Art, Design and Fashion at Solent University alongside building her business.

In 2005, Suzy was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for her skills in traditional knitting. Her work has been sold through prestigious retail outlets such as Fortnum & Mason and Holland & Holland. Suzy was honoured to design and produce a cashmere throw to be displayed at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Coronation Festival in 2013.

In May 2019 Suzy exhibited within the ‘In the Footsteps of a Genius: Responding to Leonardo Da Vinci’ exhibition in Southampton and more recently secured her first European exhibition in Paris 2021, working closely with the Angela Williams Archive of vintage Norman Parkinson Prints.


Suzy’s recent work now embraces both multidisciplinary collaborations with photography and transdisciplinary practice with science. Her signature style translates powerfully from retail to exhibition space and from wearable pieces to conceptual installations. Her result orientated creative philosophy ignites both her own work and that of her clients to achieve new horizons and touch new audiences.

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