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Southampton City Art Gallery

'In the Footsteps of a Genius: Responding to Leonardo Da Vinci'. Southampton City Art Gallery, May 2019.

While discussing Da Vinci with fellow Art Educator and friend Alastair Eales, Alastair mentioned, 'Leonardo treated his journals and notebooks as cosy woolly jumpers in which he'd wrap himself.'

Observing Da Vinci's 'The Arno Valley', (bottom left, taken from the Royal Collection), Suzy was reminded of the way that yarn behaves in a sprawl of intricate lines and swirls. Da Vinci used the best materials he could acquire, therefore Suzy created this piece in cashmere to reflect the quality which Da Vinci would have appreciated. The cashmere was left unwashed as the stitches lose their clarity after washing and Da Vinci was well known for leaving his pencil marks throughout his work.

Creating an embroidered response to the work was inspired by the accompanying text explaining that ink was 'pricked through' as Suzy repeatedly pricked the knitted canvas with thread (a close up of Suzy's exhibited work bottom right).

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