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The Queen Elizabeth  Scholarship Trust

In 2005, Suzy was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship in
recognition for her skills and contribution to the traditional
craft of knitwear design.

Since then Suzy has worked extensively within QEST projects, promoting her craft and talents within the field. The top images show Suzy's collection within Fortnum & Mason in 2012.

In 2013, Suzy was commissioned to produce a cashmere
throw to be displayed within the new summerhouse erected within Buckingham Palace Gardens for the Queen's Coronation Festival. Suzy was honoured to be invited as a guest to the day during which the Queen was shown the work.

The bottom left image is Suzy's knitted accessories enhancing the Autumn / Winter 2013 collection within Holland and Holland gunmakers in Mayfair, London. Bottom left is Suzy receiving her award in 2005 with the Duke of Gloucester and Chairwoman of QEST until 2008 and Chairwoman of Fortnum & Mason, Jana Khayat.

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