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The View Exhibition 


The knitted swatch, garment and soft furnishing collection was shown within 'The View' exhibition space in Winchester in 2004.

The collection took inspiration from the microscopic and macroscopic views of the world. Suzy's knitwear playfully combined magnified cell structures with miniaturised views of the earth, echoing the similarity of their form and structure. Suzy took aspects of the cellular forms, such as pattern repetition and fluidity of line and juxtaposed them with man-made structures such as irrigation fields and the block-like tops of skyscrapers.

Suzy worked closely with biologists at Southampton University looking at different cells and tissues under the microscope to help inspire her and saw a direct correlation between how muscle tissue can look under a microscope to how rice paddy fields look from the air within aerial photography books on Japan or Bali.

It is interesting to look back and see how Suzy's inspiration has always come from combining the two disciplines of art and science.

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